How to get FREE Tik Tok Followers – Android & iOS


TikTok has become a world sensation as soon as it has merged together with the old app. Hundreds of millions of active users on a daily basis on the app makes it extremely popular! Every user dreams about millions of fans but it’s no easy. It is really hard work to get real free followers. As we said before the most popular users have over 20 millions of fans. But trust me, you can be one of them if you can working hard and really love your hobby.

How to get FREE Tik Tok Followers – Android & iOS

How to get TikTok followers – Tips

First of all you need to have content, good content. It means movies, photos. Without it people won’t follow you. When you have it you can start to getting fans.

1 . Follow for follow

The easiest way is to get fan for fan and like for like. All you have to do is click the “leader board” switch on the search page. Go in advance as well as click on one of those leaders. When you get to their web page, click and also un-click the “adhering to” switch a handful of times. You following people = they follow you. This method is time-consuming, you can spend hours by tapping and tapping.

2 . Like & Comment movies

Really good method is to comment others movies, but no spam it! If you’re watching interesting content just say to the user that is nice, ok, that you like it. Just comment something nice. People will see your comments, go to your profile and follow it to get nice comments too. Get it? It’s easy and nice method to gain free Tik Tok followers.

3 . Make duets with your friends

It’s very good method to become popular, but you need to know how to do it correct. Don’t make duets with people you don’t now, ask them first and will be ok

4 . Share your content

Good way to make you popular is sharing your profile and videos to other social media. Connect your account to Instagram and share every video to it. Share it on your Facebook also. In the Facebook are many groups about You can join them and add your username to get new followers. It’s easy and fast method, I recommend it because there are people like you who wants to be in the top of

Get first 10k free TikTok followers by the online app

It is really hard to get 10 fans. You can buy it on special websites, but it’s expensive. So we created huge base of users and made app. Thanks to this system you can sign in to this base and get 10k followers for short time, because system follows your account by signed in users automatically. These are only real followers! What does it mean? That these people are real, if you publish good video they will comment you, like your content and make you more popular, your free followers number will be growing!

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Important Instructions – Steps to Follow
Yes, our site is designed in such a way that you are able to use the tool in a quick and efficient way. However, for the process to be complete and for you to get the desired number of TikTok followers, you should follow the steps that are mentioned here with:

  1. Choose A Proper TikTok Username That You Would Be Using In Our Tool For All Future References
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As you see it is not difficult. Remember, that your followers won’t be added at once. They will be appear one by one in a period of time. It’s good method to get few thousands of free Tik Tok followers with no hard work. Try it now!

Note: After 24 hours if you didn’t see followers increased, Please try again using mobile phone.


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